What are the Aims of Waste Drainage Systems?

It would be easy to argue that mankind only became truly civilised once it began to use proper drainage. The Vikings were admirable in many ways, however the average life expectancy for women was only 35, the reason given for this is that there was no waste drainage infrastructure in place, which meant people lived in proximity to contaminated water and were exposed to various diseases as a result.

Look around the world today, and it’s easy to identify the association between lack of drainage and the spread of disease. Many serious diseases from parasites to cholera are spread through human waste, and so it’s no surprise that in places where there is sophisticated drainage these kinds of diseases cease to be a problem.

Where not only talking about human waste here, and even water waste if not adequately removed from the living environment can warrant a health hazard. The aim of a waste pipe is to remove used water from the home, so water from dishwaters, bathrooms or kitchens etc. Essentially, any waste water that isn’t classed as sewage, which must be handled with especial care because of the microorganisms it might contain.

All drainage pipes need to be durable, and if positioned on the exterior of properties they need to be constructed to endure difficult weather conditions. This is why cast iron is frequently used, because it is uniquely durable and long lasting.

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