What Can Estate Agent Reviews Tell You?

On one level, it’s never been a better time to be a consumer. This is because it’s now easier than ever to research companies, read reviews online and exercise consumer power. This power even extends to things like choosing an estate agent, and you can now access a range of estate agent reviews online.

But what will an estate agent review actually tell you?

Depending on where you access the review, there are now sites that not only list local estate agents but also provide access to reviews; there should be written reviews accompanied with a rating system. The rating system will cover aspects of the service such as friendliness, local knowledge, professionalism and overall service. Users should also be able to recommend an estate agent or not.

In regards to the written part of the review content depends on who has written the review, obviously. The value of this kind of review is that it can go into personal experience, so if there’s something unique about a company you’ll find it here, for instance a review might tell you how easily contactable the company is, how expedient the service is etc.

Let’s say you were looking for an estate agent in Hammersmith. You can visit estate agents, ask people you know in the local area and now you can look online for reviews. The more research you do the more likely you are to find the ideal estate agents.