Why Office Prices are Falling

Millions and millions of square feet of office space is currently being created in London. Yet, due to financial uncertainty all across the world, very few people are looking to actually upgrade their office space or invest in the costly process of moving offices. This means that there is becoming an excess of space available to let which is growing by the day and meaning that the cost of letting offices is subsequently dropping. Quite simply, the supply has started to outweigh the demand.

Therefore, despite the financial uncertainty in the global business market, it is becoming a better time than ever to get a very cheap lease on some very impressive business property. Whether you want to increase your size, find yourself a better location or even simply have a fresh start somewhere, you may well be surprised at how easy it is to find impressive office space to rent at affordable prices.

Whilst some of these new business spaces may well be redeveloped as homes to improve the safety of the investment, a great many more will simply be available on the market for a huge amount less than they would have been even a few years ago. Prices have already begun to fall in the city and looking for new space now could see you getting a lease for a bargain, and it will almost certainly be best to look at the options now rather than holding out until you really need to move and finding you have to pay more.