Why Subject Line Matters for Email Marketing

What do you first see when you receive an email, even before you click on it? The answer is the subject line, and for marketing emails in particular having a good subject line is very important. People are much less likely to click on marketing mails, e.g. newsletters, and so unless your subject line is engaging your email will just be passed over and deleted.

Here are some tips for constructing the perfect subject line:

Don’t be too generic. The receiver is likely to receive several emails a day, some of them spam emails. If the subject line of your email looks very similar to a spam email, regardless of the content of the email, it will probably fail to engage.

Engagement is the key. You might have a special offer or crucial bit of information within the email pertaining to a customer account, and it’s important that a subject line refers to this. Don’t be too explicit, but be enticing, perhaps word your subject line in the form of a question.

Don’t lie. There’s no point in engaging someone to open an email if there’s little of relevance within the email, this will probably have you marked as spam. Instead, always be honest. If you can’t think of something relevant and engaging to write in a subject line then change the content of the email.

The success of your email marketing campaign will hinge on a range of factors, but one of the most important is one of the most simple: the subject line.