Three Ways to Personalise your Email Marketing Strategy

For as long as marketing has existed the personal touch has been important. Until the advent of the internet personalising a marketing campaign was very difficult, however, and only thanks to digital marketing techniques like e-marketing and social media marketing can true personalisation really take place.

One of the drawbacks with all kinds of digital marketing is that low quality marketing methods can be marked as spam, avoided and even reported. Personalisation  of online marketing makes it less like spam, more amenable to internet users and therefore extremely more effective.

Here are three tips for personalising your email marketing strategy:

Ensure that the subject line of your email is relevant to your customer. It doesn’t have to carry the receiver’s name, but it should refer to something that you know interests the user, perhaps a special offer based on their previous purchases.

Make sure that the e-mail itself refers to the customer individually. This is easier than you might think, and email software can help you with this. Be careful what you refer to your customers as of course, first name terms may not be most appropriate.

Finally, make it seem like the e-mail has been carefully written by a human who knows the customer. You can achieve this impression by taking care with your e-mail signature, perhaps using a facsimile of a real signature.