3 Reasons to Work as a Nanny in Russia

More and more people are turning to childcare jobs, partly because there is always a demand for childcare even in tougher economic times. Even so it can still be a challenge finding your perfect placement, the ideal family, wage or working hours. Finding your perfect nanny job becomes much easier, however, when you cast your net internationally, for example considering Russia.

But why should you consider working as a nanny in Russia?

English is Valued

In Russia although the native language is obviously Russian there is huge value placed on the English language with many households keen for their children to become bi-lingual. If you are an English speaking Nanny therefore then you’ll be in demand and there are bound to be many jobs awaiting you.

The Money is Good

You might not know this but in Moscow there are more millionaires per square metre than anywhere else in the world. With something like childcare the wage should be secondary to the love of the job; however, it’s worth noting that English nanny jobs are very well paid in Russia.

A Similar Culture

Russia is similar enough to England to be comforting but different enough to be exciting and thrilling. It’s true that a city like Moscow is a place of extremes, however you will recognise enough of the culture to be at ease. Russia of course is steeped in history, great architecture and atmosphere, a very exciting place to work.