3 Reasons Why It’s Good to Groom Your Dog

There are many aspects of pet care, from choosing the right pet food to grooming your pet on a regular basis. It’s very clear why it’s important to feed your pets at the right time and in the right way, but why is grooming so important?

Checking for Health Problems

Grooming presents the perfect opportunity to check for health problems. Fleas is the obvious one, but there are plenty of other health problems you can check for. For example, if you feel swelling around the joints then your dog might have arthritis, which is a very common condition in canines.

Preventing Health Problems

Cleaning your dog can also prevent various health issues from developing. It’s important not only to groom your dog’s fur but you need to ensure their dental health is up to scratch too. If you don’t groom your dog then all sorts of nasty conditions can develop, from ticks and fleas to wound infections.

Strengthening Emotional Bonds

You might not know this but grooming can be a very effective way to strengthen the emotional bonds between you and your dog. Dogs are pack animals and so they look at their owners as though they are pack leader, or alpha male. Grooming creates contact between you and your pet and so strengthens these pack bonds.

You might wonder how often you need to groom your dog, this depends largely on the breed, for instance long coat dogs need daily brushing and curly coats can go much longer than this, perhaps even a couple of months without a full groom.