Alternatives to University After the Tuition Fee Increase

With tuition fees having risen dramatically this year, many people are looking into alternative ways to get into the line of work they wish to without starting their working life in tens of thousands of pounds of debt. Furthermore, even those who have recently graduated from university are likely to struggle to stand out from the many other people with the exact same degree results as them, and therefore even those who have been to university may need to find alternative ways into a profession.

For many, the best approach will be to take external courses that focus fully on what will be integral to any given role. Therefore, those who wish to go into PR are likely to find far more benefits from taking a short (and far more cost-effective) PR writing course than they will from spending years and thousands of pounds being trained on a generic university course.

There will be a wide range of courses perfect for anyone looking to get into any job, and many of these such as effective writing courses may well be able to be utilised to get into all manner of different industries and suit anyone from those trying to get into the PR industry through to those who simply wish to be PAs or marketing managers.

By taking external courses, you can show just how dedicated you are to a certain role, and for those who wish to avoid the vast tuition fees charged by most universities, such an approach is one that can be more effective and far more beneficial in both the short term and the long term.