Common Retail Design Mistakes

Retail design has become a sophisticated science, and so it’s quite rare to see stores that make many and obvious shop design mistakes. However, mistakes still do happen, and often they are made by independent stores who have failed to get professional design consultation. Everybody makes mistakes, of course, and they shouldn’t be seen as failings as such, more as potentialities for improvement. 

Here are three of the most common, and most blatant, shop design blunders:

Poor Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of interior design, however it is particularly important when we’re talking about retail spaces, for obvious practical reasons. Lighting aids navigation around the store and psychologically keeps customers alert. This is why many retail stores often appear somewhat over-lit.


Some retail spaces are huge and so overcrowding is unlikely, however many more retail spaces are quite modest. The logic that the more products out on the shop floor the more money you’ll take doesn’t hold true, and overcrowding tends to confuse buyers and will most likely lead to a drop in sales.

Bad Point of Sale

Some retail business owners don’t even know what point of sale means. Point of sale is the area around the point where sales are made, often a till-point area. A high quality POS environment can drastically improve how customers interact with your store, and can generate you more sales as a result. Retail design companies will specifically be able to help you improve and develop POS areas.