Getting Started with a Fountain Pen

So you’ve discovered the beauty of calligraphy over writing, the wonder of penmanship over jotting things down, perhaps it’s time to own your very own fountain pen. But how do you get started with your first fountain pen? True, they are a little bit more complicated than your average ballpoint or rollerball, however the benefits, at the end of the line, are worth it.

Choose Your Weapon
You can pretty much everything you need from an online pen shop, who will be able to supply fountain pens and cartridges. What pen should you choose? There are plenty of great brands out there such as Cross and Lamy, and these are companies who have been making pens for over a hundred years.

That’s the Nib of It
When you purchase a fountain pen it will obviously come with a nib supplied. You can change nibs and therefore alter the experience of writing. For example a wider nib might offer a smoother writing experience etc etc. Don’t worry too much about nibs until you’re a little more experienced.

Savour the Experience
There is a particular method for writing with a fountain pen. Briefly, you should form a triangle with your index, middle finger and your thumb, making sure that the nib is in an upright position. Also, if you keep the cap on your pen it balances better.

Writing with a fountain pen is a great experience and will be much more comfortable, as well as considerably more stylish, than writing either on a keyboard or with a ballpoint or rollerball.