Why Fountain Pens are a Must Have Modern Accessory

When you think of modern accessories you probably think of technology: Smartphones, tablets et al. Of course it’s hard not to think of these things because you, and everyone else, are so powerfully influenced by sophisticated marketing campaigns. If you want to stand out from the crowd however, why not choose an accessory that’s a little more “you” – a fountain pen.

Always a Classic
Fountain pens are classic designs. Just like your favourite Swiss watch or that Bentley you drive, the fountain pen is a true icon of high style. unlike other pens, the history of the fountain pen stretched way back to the 900s. It was highly fashionable in the 19th century too, and has connotations of Victorian style – so in vogue write now.

Style in the Stylus
Speaking of vogue and the fountain pen is not only synonymous with style, but it is truly stylish. Fountain pens UK might be more expensive than other pens but this is because they are more like fashion accessories than writing implements. They can be customised with your choice of nibs, and the best are made with jewellery-grade craftsmanship.

It is Written
Fountain pens are not just about the style and they also write good. The experience of writing with a fountain pen is markedly different to writing with a ballpoint. Less pressure is needed and there is a feeling that you are drawing letters rather than writing. The written pieces penned by fountain pens are simply in a class of their own.