A Rough Guide to Writing with Pens

The pen is still a very important tool, despite the advent of computers and their keyboards. Did you know that many Romans would carry their pen or “stilus” around with them, attached to a tablet, (not a tablet computer of course). This emphasises the fact that pens are and have been something a little bit more than accessories, they are tools, artefacts of our creativity and humanity. 

Fountain Pens
If you like to write in style then you have to have a fountain pen. Fountain pens are essentially just like a quill dipped in ink, except the fountain pen has its own ink supply. Fountain pens are not only highly stylish, but they have other advantages too, for example they require less pressure and so cause less writing fatigue than other pens.

Let’s be honest, there are some practical disadvantages to using a fountain pen. If you like the idea of writing with a fountain pen but you don’t want the practical disadvantages then you’ll love a rollerball pen. Rollerballs essentially write wet, but don’t require cartridges etc.

The most convenient option is the ballpoint pen. They tend to be cheaper, they use ink that dries quickly and they tend to be best for writing quickly, for instance if you’re taking notes. They can be a little less comfortable to write with than a fountain pen or rollerball. If you like the idea of any of these pens look for a pen shop online.