Do Fountain Pens Write Better?

These days there are all sorts of ways to “pen” documents. You could snub the written word altogether and write something on a computer, you could use a ballpoint pen or you could use a fountain pen. It’s true that only a small proportion of people use a fountain pen regularly, however these tend to be the kinds of people who value quality of penmanship. They would argue that fountain pens write much better than other kinds of pen, but why?

You might think that a fountain pen is quite an elaborate solution when compared to alternatives. Actually, fountain pens, or their initial incarnation, were one of the very first writing implements ever developed, and were invented in Arabia around 969ad. They were an evolution from the quill and ink, where the ink is actually held inside the pen. So they go back a long way, but what does that this have to do with the quality of a person’s penmanship? Well one thing about the fountain pen is the connotations that it has. It’s not just about writing but it’s about history, style and heritage. The best fountain pens, such as Lamy fountain pens UK, are made with such care and attention that they can be compared with jewellery or a fine Swiss watch.

In regards to how they write, compared to other pens they are the best choice for writing shorter pieces. As any user will tell you, using a fountain pen is more akin to drawing letters than writing, calligraphy as opposed to taking notes. The only advice to give, in the end, is to try writing with a fountain pen yourself and only then will you see the difference in quality.