Three Reasons to Choose Cross Fountain Pens

Whilst it is certainly true that most of us use a keyboard when we need to “write” something, there is certainly still a place for pen and paper. Actually penning something with your own hand lends a piece an air of quality, personalisation and some people just plain prefer it. Many of those who love to write with a pen choose a fountain pen, and many of these choose Cross fountain pens UK. 

Less Writing fatigue
RSI, repetitive strain injury, is on the rise. It is on the rise because people tend to do more with their hands nowadays, for instance they might have an office job which requires them to type all day long. When it comes to write something with a pen the experience can be uncomfortable. Because less pressure is required to use a fountain pen there is less writing fatigue.

Quality of Penmanship
The main reason why people choose fountain pens, as opposed to other kinds of pen, is because they associate the fountain pen with a better quality of penmanship.
A ballpoint pen might be more appropriate for writing at speed, but if it’s shorter, beautifully written pieces then the best bet is a fountain pen.

A Name You Can Trust
So, what brand of fountain pen will you choose? You won’t do much better than Cross fountain pens, as Cross have been making pens for around 150 years. They understand that a fountain pen can be an investment, not just a writing implement, and are committed to manufacturing pens with jewellery quality craftsmanship.