Measuring the Impact of Furniture in the Home

What is a home without furniture? Not very much you could argue, just four walls and nothing else. It depends, of course, how you define furniture, is furniture just the very practical items like tables and chairs? Or is it essentially everything that has a permanent setting in your home, everything from shelving to pieces of art?

For our purposes, let’s only think of furniture as those very practical, and often aesthetic, objects that define a living space, such as tables and chairs, beds and cabinets. How can we measure the impact of this kind of furniture within the home?

Aesthetic Impact

Furniture has a very obvious aesthetic impact on a space. A high quality piece of furniture can dramatically redefine or improve a space. This is especially true when we’re talking about larger items of furniture when set in smaller spaces, e.g. bedroom furniture, where furniture characterises, even creates the space.


Whilst there is an aesthetic aspect to high quality furniture, the main reason why we furnish our homes with objects is for the practical benefits. Good furniture introduces essential usability into a space, and is therefore a necessary dimension of our homes. You need furniture, so you might as well choose quality pieces, right?

Natural Oak Furniture

Furniture can be natural too. By natural we mean it uses natural materials to create something aesthetic, practical but in-tune with the natural world. Oak furniture fulfils this brief and is readily available online.