One day car insurance suits any scenario

One day car insurance can be taken out in many different cases. For instance a policy could be taken out for a car, either for planned or emergency use. It can also be taken out to provide cover for someone learning to drive and you could take out protection for motorbikes, motorhomes and there is also classic car insurance for the short term.

There are numerous benefits to taking out one day car insurance.

• A policy would be able to protect the drivers no claims bonus, if for instance the owner of the car was to lend their vehicle out

• Short term cover could come in for additional drivers. This may be needed in the cases of long journeys, where shared driving would be needed

• A policy might come in useful when purchasing a new vehicle and wanting to drive it away and then take the time to search for an annual policy that is affordable

• Temporary car insurance can be taken out when wanting to take a vehicle for a test drive

• Short term protection could be taken for a teenager who is lending their parents vehicle to have extra practise in-between driving lessons. In this case cover can be taken out for one month to three months

As you can see from the above there are numerous situations and scenarios where one day car insurance may come in very handy.

Whether you are looking for classic car insurance for the short term, one day car insurance for a motorhome or motorbike, a policy can be applied for quickly online.