Reliable office cleaning companies

Clean offices are not just important because of the image they convey to existing and potential clients, they can have an impact on how happy staff are and how efficiently they work. Staff can complain if their office space is not clean and tidy and this will also affect productivity. Changing commercial cleaning companies can be disruptive for businesses so finding the right cleaning contractors first time is crucial.

Quality cleaning with commercial cleaning companies

There are various advantages of using commercial cleaning companies as opposed to hiring individual cleaners on an ad hoc basis. For example, as commercial cleaning companies tend to have a large bank of staff, they are often more reliable; meaning office premises will always be cleaned as required. Most businesses and large supermarkets do all they can to avoid tripping and slipping accidents. Research indicates that by using commercial cleaning companies, organisations reduce the number of accidents on their premises.

Quality cleaning which complies with health and safety

Commercial cleaning companies provide their staff with the correct equipment, thus avoiding work-related contact dermatitis. Also, as cleaning products can be classed as hazardous substances, staff are also trained in the correct use of office cleaning products. This ensures compliance with national and EU law. Where floors have to be cleaned during office hours, signs must be displayed to inform of the wet surface. The law does not expect commercial cleaning companies to eliminate all risk but they must protect their employees as far as practicably possible and this involves training in health and safety procedure and ensuring that equipment is fit for purpose.