Running a home using an LPG generator

Most homes are connected to the electricity grid, and many homes are also connected to mains gas. However, even in the UK a large number of people are not connected to either. In these cases, people have to find alternative methods of producing the amount of power required for everyday tasks. Some choose to do so using solar and wind power, but for most people, these two power sources are not reliable enough to truly suit their modern lifestyle. Fortunately, there is an alternative and that is LPG generators.

How it works

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) comes in bottles or can be delivered by lorry and pumped into a tank in the garden. A high-powered LPG generator just needs to be hooked up to the supply and the electricity generated is fed into the house.

It is also possible to run a central heating system using LPG as fuel. This means that by using LPG, a home which is totally off of the grid can be lit, heated and provided with enough electric power to run the full range of modern electronic appliances.

The cost

LPG typically costs far less than other fuels. This means that it is not especially expensive to run a home this way. LPG is also considered by many to be far safer than petrol or diesel. There is no risk of spillage and no messy filling for the home owner to contend with. LPG generators are also usually far quieter than other types of generators.