Gas generators

Generators provide an alternative source of power for situations where it is not practical to connect to the electricity grid. There are several different kinds of generator available. Most people have heard of generators that run on petrol or diesel, but not everyone is familiar with gas generators.

Types of gas generators

There are two main types of gas generators available, LPG or natural gas generators. For added convenience and flexibility, some LPG generators will also run on petrol.

Who uses these generators?

Gas or LPG generators are widely used by the mobile catering trade. They usually have to cook with gas so, for them, being able to run their lights and other electrical equipment off of the same fuel source is a great idea. It is much more convenient to carry one fuel than it is to have to carry petrol or diesel as well as gas. Many caterers also feel that gas is a safer fuel source. It is contained in heavy bottles, so there is no risk of a spark igniting the fuel and causing a serious accident.

The use of natural gas generators is largely confined to residential or business premises that are not connected to the grid. In some rural settings, it is cheaper to connect to the gas supply than it is to pay for a connection to the electricity grid. A natural gas generator can convert the natural gas supply into electricity which can then be used to run the home or business.