Used forklift trucks are becoming increasingly popular

In tough economic times, firms have to cut their overheads as much as possible. It’s important for companies to examine absolutely everything to see where savings can be made.

Shop floor kit is expensive to buy and costly to maintain and run. For most firms, buying used trucks rather than new ones makes perfect economic sense, in the long and the short term.

Used forklifts save money

The moment you buy a forklift, depreciation means you lose around 30 per cent. The cost of a new diesel truck is between £9,000 and £19,000, a gas truck costs from £9,500 – £17,000 and a new battery operated forklift truck will cost £9,000 – £12,000. Firms that buy their trucks second hand can save at least £4,000.

Used trucks do not cost any more money to run than new trucks. The best dealers offer good warranties. New spare parts are usually not a problem providing the truck isn’t particularly old or obscure. In fact, the availability of second hand parts can often mean that used trucks are cheaper to maintain.

Older trucks are, in some ways, easier to maintain. The fact that they have been on the market for a while means that any common faults have manifested themselves. This allows buyers to check trucks for these common problems and avoid buying one that shows signs of wear in that specific area. Should the truck break down, repairing it can be done quickly and easily because the faults are fully understood and the best repair techniques are widely known.