Firms showing more interest in used forklifts

Increasingly, firms in the UK are considering buying used equipment for their warehouse teams. Rather than automatically going out and buying new pallet trucks or forklifts they are going online and finding out the price of used kit instead.

Many are taken aback when they realise that for as little as £4,300 they can buy a gas operated forklift. Even used container spec gas trucks can cost as little as £6,350. Small electric trucks start at under £4,000, whereas a new one would cost a minimum of £9,000. Used diesel forklifts start at as little as £4,750.

Availability of refurbished forklifts

There are plenty of used forklift trucks available. Many of those available are relatively new, meaning it is possible to buy a truck that has had very little use.

However, the age of the truck is not a major issue. These pieces of equipment are robust, and because firms rely heavily on them, they are normally very well maintained. The best dealers check all of the trucks over before selling them on. Many also offer a warranty of at least 12 months and some even offer a month-long cooling off period. This allows firms to try out the forklift and get their money back if they are not happy with their purchase.

Buying a used specialist forklift

It is even possible to buy refurbished specialist forklifts. The biggest dealers have access to a huge range. They will look around to meet the needs of firms who need specialist trucks, such as container spec forklifts.