Storage lockers

Many institutions, clubs and companies install metal lockers for people to use. These lockers often blend in seamlessly with their surroundings but are located in a variety of places.

Where lockers are used

Schools provide lockers for their students to store heavy books, sports kit and instruments between lessons. In some schools, children are asked to leave their mobile phones in their lockers to avoid distractions in between lessons.

Many firms provide staff lockers. They act as a safe place for staff to hang their coats, store their bags and keep equipment they use only occasionally.

Sports clubs often provide secure lockers for players to use whilst in the pool, on the pitch or in the gym. These lockers keep possessions safe whilst their owners enjoy their chosen sport. Some clubs use lockers themselves as a secure and tidy way to store various pieces of sports kit and equipment.

In Europe, even some supermarkets provide lockers. They ask customers to stow their handbags and other shopping bags in them prior to entering the shop. This makes it easier for customers to shop and reduces the risk of shoplifting. They are very similar to the ones occasionally seen in train stations and airports.

Types of lockers

Lockers come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. They are normally made from metal but plastic lockers are also available. It’s also possible to buy drawer lockers that are designed for users to store documents or laptops. While many lockers use a standard padlock, some have combination locks fitted to them, so multiple users can use the lockers others have padlocks.