School Lockers

Even in the modern world, many schools still provide their pupils with lockers. They do so for several practical reasons.

While it is true that more classes are taking place using digital textbooks, children still have to bring a lot of heavy books to school. Giving them somewhere to store the items and books they do not need between lessons makes a lot of sense. It reduces the risk of things being lost or stolen. This considerably reduces the risk of friction between students. Full-length lockers provide safe storage for coats, PE gear and instruments as well.

Most schools do not allow their students to use their phones while on school premises. However, for security reasons, most students do bring them to school. Many students turn their phones to silent, but continue to use the phone under the desk to send and receive text messages. Though against school rules, it can be difficult to stop this happening. Schools that provide lockers, however, can legitimately require pupils to lock their mobiles away in their lockers where they are safe and secure. This, again, will reduce loss and theft.

Types of student lockers

The majority of schools use metal lockers. They do so because they are robust and secure. In a damp area like a swimming pool or changing area, some schools use plastic lockers. All lockers come in a range of sizes from full length to cubby-hole lockers designed to be just big enough to hold a phone and a set of keys.