The Modern Face of Timber

Timber is obviously a class of material as old as the hills, however its importance for modern construction or home improvement projects cannot be over-estimated. Whilst the fundamental attributes of wood remains the same, i.e. it is very aesthetic, durable and functional, the way that timber is cut, sold and generally used has changed considerably in modern times.

Consult your timber merchant and they will not only be able to offer you a range of timber, from plywood sheets to MDF to Oak, but they will also be about to offer you additional cutting services. CNC cutting is the latest and most accurate way to cut timber and so makes wood as a material something more modern and able to meet the rigours of modern project specifications.

Because timber can now be accurately cut and shaped to fit very specific projects the use of timber extends beyond construction projects and it’s now a material that can be used in a range of applications. For example, an artist might now consult a timber merchant when they are looking for very accurately cut pieces for a specific project.

Different kinds of timber fulfils very different roles in the modern world. Oak is still often associated with traditional properties and is used extensively in flooring. However, lighter finishes of oak can also look great in modern homes. A manufactured wood like MDF is valued because it can easily be cut and so is very versatile, able to satisfy various modern projects and applications.