Three Great Things About the iPad Mini

The latest addition to Apple’s canon of awesome, innovative technology is the iPad mini. Critics argue that it’s less of an innovation and more of a reaction to other smaller tablets that are already on the market. This may or may not be true, however there’s no denying that iPad mini is a worthy addition to Apple’s great range of products.

Here are three great things about the iPad Mini:

It’s Smaller

Ok the word “mini” is a giveaway, however the smallness of the mini is one of its greatest strengths. Specifically the Mini is  200mm high, 134.7mm wide and 7.2mm deep which makes it even more compact and mobile than the full size iPad.

Battery Life

One area where the Mini outperforms the full size iPad is in terms of its battery life. The Mini can go for about ten hours, of course depending on how you’re using it (using the camera will drain the battery for example.) The larger iPad doesn’t quite have the same battery life, largely because of the increased demand on processing and the retina display.


Let’s be honest, Apple products are typically premium products. The iPad Mini however is considerably cheaper than other Apple products and so is a perfect entry level Apple device, with all the functionality you’d expect from one of the most innovative companies in the world. If you like the sound of the Mini you can approach Apple retailers or Apple retailers UK for advice.