Three Ways the iPad is Reinventing the Business World

Apple started out making personal computers to rival Microsoft’s. They began to overtake Microsoft as a brand when they started to produce unique and innovative products such as the iPod and the iPhone. Apple’s most recent innovation has been the iPad, and most lately the iPad Mini, but what is it about these tablet computers that makes them so suited to business usage?

Visual Applications and Presentations

Apple has always led the way when it comes to computer design, visuals and aesthetics. The iPad takes this one step further and combines the innovation of the iPhone with the processing power of a full size computer to make visual presentations a breeze. The iPad can be connected to various video outlets to deliver the full presentation experience.

Organisation and Business Tools

The ipad, just like the iphone, runs Applications. Some of these are produced by Apple itself, whilst many more are third party. You can basically get Apps for anything and this includes many Apps that are made for business, for example Todo or OmniGraffle.

Faster Payments

The ipad is also great for the very practical business of accepting payments. It can even, with the right App, become a fully-fledged payment terminal. This is great functionality for smaller businesses who operate on the move and are looking for a mobile way to accept and manage payments.

If you like the sound of the iPad and think it could work for your business, why not contact an Apple authorised reseller or Apple premium reseller who will be able to advise you further.

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