Three Pet Care Myths

Owning a pet can be extremely rewarding. Of course it’s not without its challenges, and there are lots of responsibilities if you’re considering pet ownership. These responsibilities range from feeding your pet to ensuring it sees a vet every so often.

Because there are so many aspects of pet care, a few myths have sprung up. Here are three of the most common:
Dog’s will eat anything

Dogs like to eat, and some dogs will attempt to try and eat whatever is in-front of them. This behaviour belies the fact that a dog’s diet is much more restrictive than a humans. Dogs are carnivorous, i.e. they have to eat meat, and foods like chocolate can be poisonous for dogs.

All destructive behaviours are problematic

If you own a dog or cat you might have noticed that it displays certain destructive behaviours. These aren’t always the symptoms of an underlying problem (although they might be) and there might be other, more natural reasons. For instance your cat might be on heat.

Dogs and cats age differently to humans

There are various physiological differences between dogs and cats and humans, that much is obvious. However, because we are all mammals there are many similarities too. For instance, as dogs, cats and humans age we become more susceptible to age related conditions like arthritis.

The best way of debunking these myths is to look online, where you’ll also find a lot more advice about pet care as well as all sorts of pet supplies and products.