Tips for Using Online Photo Printing Sites

The photograph has really come of age. There’s never been a better time to be a photographer and there are now all sorts of things you can do with those treasured snaps. As well as sharing them across social media you can now visit online photo printing sites, where you’ll be able to transform your favourite photographs into all sorts of great photographic gifts.

Because using these photo sharing sites is so easy you might be tempted to rush headlong into designing your photo book etc. Hold your horses! Here are some tips before you start:

Tell a story. When you’re using photographs in a photo book or album it’s a good idea to tell a story. Photo books are called “books” for a reason and you can use images just as you’d use sentences on a page, to construct narratives. This narrative could be something simple like the story of your last holiday or something more complex.

Choose good quality images. When you’re building a narrative with your snaps you might be tempted to use some lesser quality snaps to hold the story together. However if your snaps are of low visual quality then they could undermine the quality of the photo-book as a whole.

Use words too. A photo book is mostly about the photographs however you can also include some words. These could simply be descriptions of photographs, something small and snappy usually works best.   Or if your photo book is gift you might include some sentimental words, an eloquent dedication for example.