3 Steps for Building the Perfect Photo Book

For as long as we’ve had photographs we’ve recognised that they make great gifts. Back in the 1800s photographs began to be mounted on card to create cartes-des-visites, and these small keepsakes became very popular for collectors and gift-givers. Soon cards where being mounted in collections or albums and still today this tradition is very popular. Even in the digital world of photo sharing physical personalised photo books are hugely popular. 

Here are three tips for producing the best photo albums:

Choose an Online Photo Printing company

Producing a photographic album is much easier than it’s ever been, thanks to the advent of online photo printing companies. With internet printing companies all you need to do is upload your pics and they’ll print a beautiful photo album for you.

How to Choose Photos

The photographs are what make a photograph album. You need to think very carefully about what images you choose, for instance you might opt for traditional snaps or you could opt for snaps from a particular holiday.

Collating Your Memories

Finally you need to think about how to arrange your images on the page. How many snaps will you have per page? Will your album progress in chronological order? Or perhaps you want to take a more spontaneous, random approach.

Remember, a photo book can be a great gift for all occasions and is one of the best personalised presents you can get.