Top three unique baby gift ideas

When a new baby is born, it is customary to purchase a gift to celebrate the new arrival. Typically, family and friends will buy baby clothes and cuddly toys for the new baby. However, there are much more unique baby gifts available. A unique gift can be something which the child will treasure for many years to come.

Below are three unique baby gift ideas which are sure to be appreciated by both new parents and their babies as they grow:

1. Snow globes

Snow globes are wonderful, charming gifts and are perfect for presenting to babies and children to celebrate their birth or christening. There are many unique designs available, from musical Christmas globes to funky fairies; there is sure to be a globe to fit every little personality perfectly.

2. Bouncy toys

Toys are a traditional gift but they do not have to be boring. There are loads of fantastic baby toys out there which offer something unique. Bouncy toys are one such example. They offer all the cuteness of cuddly toys, combined with the exciting play experience of a traditional cot mobile, making them a fantastic choice for little bundles of joy.

3. Children’s bookends

For something completely different, children’s bookends can make a fantastic gift. New parents spend a lot of time decorating their nursery with a specific theme in mind. So they are sure to be delighted when presented with a wonderful set of bookends to match their chosen theme.