Choosing a manufacturer to supply technical foam

If you’re in industry that requires specialist or technical foam, then you’ll already know that there are many foam suppliers out there, each with their own unique selling points. It’s sometimes difficult to choose a company that will fit your needs exactly, so here are a few guidelines when looking for a provider of foam for your business.

Skill and Expertise: can the foam supplier actually create the exact product you want? Not all manufacturers can cut foam to any size, shape and specification, for example – or only specialize in certain types of foam. This is the first and essential thing you should check when weighing up different suppliers.

Scale and variety: Can the foam manufacturer deliver the kind of quantities you want, and on time? Some companies have a minimum order, others will be happy to do you a single prototype for free, or small orders as a test run.

Cost and value: Is the company good value for money? Can they provide a discount for bulk-buying the kind of foam you require? Many companies will, but it’s always a good thing to ask.

Reputation and Testimonials: This is often overlooked when a company is both cheap and efficient, but good customer service, reliable manufacturing and delivery times and a sound reputation is essential. Mistakes can be costly and something that is easily corrected or fixed without fuss will help keep your costs down.

If your chosen manufacturer meets all these criteria, then you should be a happy and loyal customer.