What are the Benefits of Slate Tiles?

Tiling is a very common form of decoration, especially in bathrooms. There are a few materials that work great as tiles, marble, ceramic, slate and travertine tiles for example. They all have their pros and cons. Slate is one of the most common kinds of tiling that’s used, but why? What are the benefits of slate tiles specifically?

Slate is extremely durable and it can be used in a wide range of styles. For instance, smaller slate tiles can be used to create a mosaic effect. Larger tiles are typically used in bathroom spaces, and are available in a wide range of colours and shapes.

Slate is perfectly suited as a tiling material in part because it’s a non-slippy surface. Because of this slate is often used on bathroom floors. Although slate is the ideal material to use as tiles it does need to be grouted and treated before it can be used in a bathroom space. Every few years this process should be repeated to ensure the durability of your tile.

Another advantage of slate tiles is their relative affordability and availability. Other kinds of tiles, such as marble, might be more expensive. Not only is slate usually more affordable but it is also built to last, and is often cut quite thick so that it doesn’t crack or break.

A Lot of slate is mined in the UK and especially parts of North Wales, and so it’s typically a great British product.