Tips for Decorating with Marble Tiles

Some things we use in the home because they are practical, perhaps they have high inherent durability. With marble tiles, however, it’s not that they’re the most practical solution and instead marble is used typically because of the way it looks. It has long been regarded as a highly aesthetic material, decedent even.

It is common for marble to be used in a bathroom space. Marble is a very clean looking material, and the intricate grains and colours in marble stone make it an extremely attractive decoration. Marble is typically white in colour, however on closer examination it exudes very beautiful and attractive features.

Whilst marble is considered to be the very best in terms of luxury and aesthetic quality, it perhaps isn’t the most practical option. For marble to be used in a bathroom space, where it can be exposed to water, it has to be treated and sealed.  Marble may also be more expensive than alternatives such as slate tiles, however you’re paying for that matchless aesthetic.

Because a marble tile tends to be relatively expensive care needs to be taken when you’re installing them. It’s common for the homeowner to seek professional installation, and this is wise if you’re not adept at fairly advanced DIY.

Marble tiles might need to be cut in order to fit around pipes etc and this is best done by professionals who know what they’re doing.