Adaptable Floor Drainage Solutions

Interior draining presents a twofold conundrum given that functionality must be maintained while also ensuring that the system fits in with the environment. Many commercial companies need to be able to clean and maintain floor drainage systems, for instance, very quickly and efficiently. They may also require adaptable options which work with their physical environments to provide discreet floor drainage while also complying with health and safety requirements. Those options which are available in fully engineered trapped and untrapped varieties will be some of the most adaptable solutions and will offer superior performance over the long term if the grates are made from nickel bronze or stainless steel. The drains should work with a variety of floors too, including suspended and solid floor options while also adapting to meet the requirements of tiled, sheet or screed flooring. Further adaptability can be provided through offering side inlets which can quickly allow the connection of a bath, shower or sink.

When it comes to quality standards, each part of the drain should ideally reach some form of standardisation. The casting of the clamp rings as well as the drain bodies should be in an LM6 aluminium silicon alloy to BS EN 1559:1997 standards, for instance, while the flow performance should meet or exceed BS requirements. It also helps if the powder coating on the clamp rings and bodies are BBA approved. If the trap and cup can be removed quickly, then it will make the cleaning of such drainage solutions much swifter.