Properly Graded Cast Iron Drainage

There are always standing requirements for drainage pipes, particularly those cast iron drainage options which may be heavier. A lightweight systems is a natural requirement, given that exposed pipes will be at the mercy of the elements and all manner of temperature variations which could very rapidly lead to decreased performance or even cracking. When looking for drainage pipes the first natural instinct should be to see which quality control standards are met. For commercial sites in particular, higher standard products may ultimately mean a safer site where there is a decreased risk of injury to workers, visitors or even members of the public. One of the most immediate requirements is for the system to meet European Standard BS EN 877. This ensures that the cast iron pipes, their fittings, joints and all accessories will meet a certain level of quality which can make all of the difference.

The iron itself should be manufactured to certain standards as well, particularly grey iron which should meet the specific requirements of DIN 1691 while there are also British Standards 1452 Grade 150 and ISO 185 Grade 15. Covering each of these aspects ensures that businesses will be protecting their investments as much as they can. Physical damage due to impacts can always occur however, so it is important to consider the surrounding area. Any drainage which complies with noise attenuation standards BS EN 14366:2004 will also have significant advantages when it comes to small commercial areas where drainage noise can prove to to be a problem.