The Evolution of Modern Canine Dietary Needs

Many people believe canines to be solely carnivorous feeders; after all they evolved from carnivorous wolves, right? However, the truth is that modern dogs are actually very versatile and healthy eaters. Indeed, the nutritional needs of dogs have changed significantly since their transition from wild animals to domesticated pets.


Modern dogs have swapped the open fields of pre-Iron Age Europe for the comfort of a nice, cosy basket in a centrally-heated house. Moreover, dogs today do not need to hunt for their food, therefore they require less energy from the meals they receive. In fact, modern canine pets are used to getting fed and acquire tastes of their own as a consequence. This means that they tend not to gorge their food as they don’t have a need to stock up on calories (although it is fact that most dogs will still try to stuff themselves – they just no longer need to!).


So it is clear to see why the canine diet has evolved. They no longer need large amounts of fat to stay warm, as houses do that for them. They no longer need huge amounts of energy to hunt with, as hunting is not required. And, the reason why hunting is no longer required is because dogs today have their pet food brought to them by caring owners two or three times a day, every day.

And it is fair to say that they are far better off for it!

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