Stress Affects Everybody – It Could Be Positive Or Negative

Stress Affects Everybody – It Could Be Positive Or Negative

“Everyone makes his stress itself “this quote is extremely true and wise folks are pity aware of this fact. But what do we learn from this? Only rarely do we take this knowledge true and really think about it. If we are responsible for our stress and our actions, then we are also the ones who can cope and avoid the stress.

What is stress?

Under stress is understood by external influences and stresses caused mental and physical reactions. Stress is basically there to be able to adapt to these changing situations and requirements faster. So stress is a kind of emergency program of the body and improves the performance. However, reducing stress is extremely stressful for the human organism. Therefore, it is important to make his stress consciously and actively combat the stress.

“Distress” – the negative stress

Negative stress is caused by external influences. This may be:

  • Increasing demands and pressure to perform in the job
  • Family disputes
  • Lack of time or lack of money
  • Fear
  • Deadline pressure
  • Overstimulation and many other factors

Negative stress is most often triggered by situations and requirements that we as overwhelming, unpleasant and distressing feeling. Often gives birth to doubt and many other factors which leads to the feeling of a victim or a loser.

“Eustress” – the positive stress

It is of course not to see any negative stress. Stress can also inspire and rejuvenate; It can motivate you and release positive energy in you. Some of the fine examples of Eustress are:

  • The stress before a wedding
  • During the first falling in love
  • After promotion
  • New challenges or even during a roller coaster rides

Positive stress is caused by situations that can be experienced as a challenge and which one likes to take. In these kinds of tasks you feel grown up.

 Stress reactions of the body

When stress is out of control or we are not able to cope up with stress factors many physical and mental reactions take place such as headaches, lack of concentration, stomach and intestinal complaints and lots more. A long time mental stress can lead to depression, depressive disorders and anxiety states.

In an acute stressful situation, the body reacts with an emergency program. Stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) are released. Its effect increases our brain power. Continue to increase heart rate and blood pressure and you breathe faster. Furthermore, blood glucose is increasingly released from the body reserves.

Ways to cope up with Stress

Stress is unavoidable. It increases and decreases according to the situations we face in our life. We can easily cope up with stress by small changes in our lifestyle such as:

Exercising regularly, practice yoga and meditation; get enough sleep of at least 7-9 hours, eat properly and eat healthy, relax yourself by listening music, taking massage, bubble bath or any other activity. Develop a hobby of writing every day it’s a very good stress buster, drawing and painting are also very good medicine for relaxation, very important is to avoid negative thinking. Organize your life by making a to do list on daily basis do it for next day before going to bed so that when you get up everything is planned. Identify the factors that make you stressed try to avoid the same situation when you face next time or make yourself so strong that you handle the same situation nicely if will provide you immense confidence.

Stop thinking too much remember you cannot change every situation according to you. Develop a habit of creating sense of humor it will not only decrease your stress levels rather it will make the aura positive around you. Positive self talk is a very good way to overcome from less confidence makes a habit of doing positive self talk at least 5 minutes every day. Stand by yourself don’t change yourself for any damn buddy. Share your reasons for stress with the ones whom you trust it will make you more relaxed and you never know by sharing you may get answers for your stress.