Vinyl Banner Printing Conveys Colourful Messages

Vinyl Banner Printing Conveys Colourful Messages

One of the best ways today to display a message is by means of a banner that is made of heavy-duty PVC. You can purchase single-sided and double-sided banners made of the material. The double-sided banners are made of 700sgm super heavyweight PVC. Therefore, you can confidently hang the banner on some poles without the worry that it will blow away and not stay intact. The double-sided PVC banners come with pole pockets and are available in one of a variety of bespoke sizes.

Single-sided PVC Banners

Usually, the single-sided PVC banners are hung on flat surfaces that are made of either wood or brick. Therefore, the banners are often hung on the exteriors of businesses. The banners may be used to announce a sale, or they may display the name of the business itself. Therefore, the company can be seen, for instance, by cars traveling, at some distance, along a thoroughfare.

The whole idea behind a banner is to convey a promotional message or identify a retailer or commercial company. The prints that are used for banners are vibrant and colourfully hued and adhere to the PVC material. Historically, banners were not as durable as they often were made of a silken material that was stretched across a wood frame. Such a banner was often carried by trade unions as a show of unity.

Advertising Messages in the Sky

You might say that the idea of unity is still a reason that banners are used today. People who want to increase their revenue and base of customers like to use banners for both identification and recognition. In some cases, a business may have a banner printed for use on the back of a single-engine aircraft. This method was first introduced when planes were first flown back in the early part of the 20th century. The tradition is still followed by some businesses and advertisers today.

Bright and Vibrant Colouring

If you are interested in securing a vinyl banner for your business, the best way to do so is to go online and purchase the banner through a company that specialises in banners of this sort. Most of the banners today are made of vinyl, as it has been proven to be both wind-and-rip-resistant. Again, the printing on vinyl banners is bright so the messages can be readily seen, both close-up and at a distance.

Selecting a Banner Message

When you choose a vinyl banner, you need to determine where you will locate this kind of signage. You also need to determine the type of message you want printed across the material. What colours do you want to include? All these criteria must be reviewed before you place an order online. Banner customers can also upload their own artwork for the banner. If you are not a skilled artist, then check if the company provides the artwork or secure the services of a freelance artist.

Quick Delivery

Once you have the art in mind and the related message, you can easily place an order and upload the art and copy. Usually, the order can be delivered within 48 hours from the time it is placed. Most one-sided banners come with eyelets, and two-sided banners come with pocket poles. Therefore, you should have no trouble securing the banner or keeping it intact.

An Ancient Icon

Banners have been used since ancient times to claim lands in the heat of battle and to organise crowds of people. They are immediately recognised, regardless of their purpose. Therefore, it just stands to reason that vinyl banner printing would still be used to send advertising messages today.

The Types of Businesses That Use Outdoor Banners

Most of the businesses that use vinyl banners include auto dealers, which are frequent customers, retailers that are featuring “Grand Openings,” corporations that are sponsoring sporting events, such as golf or tennis, and leasing companies. If a company wants to attract additional foot traffic, then a banner can be an excellent tool to use.

Banners, again, do not lose their influence over time as they can be so easily seen and exhibited. The colourful displays make advertising an easier undertaking for brick-and-mortar retailers and businesses. You might also consider the use of a vinyl banner if you are displaying goods and wares at a trade show.

Out-of-Home Advertising

Banners can be used in the place of billboards as a form of OOH (out-of-home) advertising. Make sure that the message is simple, straightforward and succinct. For instance, the message, “Going Out of Business Sale” is a form of communication that one can comprehend right away. In addition, the font or printing should be easy to read. Fonts that are simple to read can be picked up from variable distances.

Make Sure to Use High Contrast Colours

One major point to remember when creating a banner is to make sure that the colours on the banner highly contrast with one another. You do not want to choose low-contrasting hues, as they tend to blend and blur when viewing them from a distance. However, if you choose such colours as red and yellow, you won’t have to worry about your banner being seen. After all, it defeats the purpose of buying a banner at all if you cannot use it to identify immediately your business or make it recognizable.

Keep the aforementioned information in mind when you are making a vinyl banner selection. The size of the banner must also be considered as well as placement. Where will the banner best be seen? What kind of traffic will regularly see your message? You need to make sure you have all your bases covered before you make a banner choice.

Therefore, before you even upload the artwork and copy for your banner online, make sure you are clear about the message, the colours you want to use and the placement of the sign. What is the best size and how much area do you want to cover? If you want to make an impact, all these criteria must be reviewed and considered.

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