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Christmas Dinner Party At Toscana Restaurant In Dublin

Christmas Dinner Party At Toscana Restaurant In Dublin

If you thought that arranging for a Christmas dinner party is inevitably an expensive affair, there is a bit of good news for you! You can throw your party at the Toscana restaurant in Dublin, where the charges are reasonable, and the variety of food and beverages extensive. In the current discourse, we will go through a few of the items that can feature in your Christmas party menu.

Arranging for a Christmas party at home is not always a feasible idea. You might not have either the time, or the necessary culinary expertise (or both!), while your house might not be big enough to accommodate a large number of guests. The gastronomic preferences also differ from person to person, adding to the trickiness of zeroing in upon a particular Christmas dinner menu. Instead, it makes sense to host the party at any of the best restaurants in Dublin. In what follows, we will be highlighting some of the fresh, healthy, and really tasty dishes that you can try out this Christmas, at the Toscana restaurant:

Soups – If you had the misconception that pizzas and pastas were all that there were to Italian food, it’s time to bust that myth. You can select from the different range of vegetarian or non-vegetarian soups, which feature prominently in the list of Toscana Italian cuisine. Each of the soups boasts of yummy taste, and considerable nutritious value. Order them, and get your Christmas dinner party off to a flying start!

Pre-main course dishes/Starters – If a bit of crispiness is what you (and your guests) are looking for in the appetizers, go for the preparation of chicken wings that is available at the Toscana restaurant. Meatballs, with a garnishing of chili sauce, also serve as a fine starter option. If you have vegetarians in your midst (or prefer veggie starters yourself), simply go for the dishes with fresh mozzarella cheese, bread and vegetables.

Main meal options – If you indeed decide to host your Christmas dinner party at Toscana, you will be greeted with some of the best Italian dishes in Dublin. You can start off with salads with different toppings, and have some crispy French fries on the side. Those who love fish preparations can easily go for the veal or salmon dishes that are available here. Prawns (of large sizes too!) also figure in the Christmas dinner menu at Toscana. If you are selecting pizza and/or pasta, you can take your pick from the different varieties of grilled chicken to go with it. If you are apprehensive about too much gluten intake, all that you have to do is specify that you want a gluten-free Christmas dinner!

Wines and beverages – What is a Christmas meal, without exotic wines to go with the food items? Add that extra dash of class to your Christmas dinner party at Dublin, by selecting from the assortment of rich red wines that are available on the menu. If you are all for a bit of experimentation as far as the taste and flavor of your alcoholic beverages are concerned, you will also find the fruity Italian wines much to your liking. Full-bodied Australian wines can be ordered at Toscana too, if your liquor inclinations lie in that direction.

Desserts – Toscana lives up to its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Dublin, by bringing to you a fine collection of desserts. You can order sorbets of different flavors, according to the preferences of your guests. The traditional Tiramisu also has its fair share of admirers. Ice-creams and/or chocolate cakes can also be chosen, to bring your dinner party to a tasty conclusion!

You do not have to spend too much either, when you host a Christmas dinner party at the Toscana restaurant. Both three as well as four course dinner options are available, and you can choose any one, as per your requirements and preferences. Check out the vast range of Toscana Italian cuisine – they will surely bowl you over!

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