Can My Business Benefit From Grocery Cart Advertising?

Can My Business Benefit From Grocery Cart Advertising?

There are literally millions of grocery carts in use across the world. Customers in supermarkets and DIY stores spend up to 60 minutes walking around a store or queuing at the checkout. During that time, they glance at their cart dozens of times and look at other people’s trolleys as they pass them. This means that any advert put on a shopping cart has the potential to be seen by hundreds of people each day. For this reason grocery cart advertising is a great way of reaching more people with your message.

A flexible form of advertising

The good thing about this advertising medium is that is suitable for any size or type of firm to use. It is an especially good way to raise brand awareness.

Cart advertising is also a flexible form of advertising.  For a small firm who wants to tell local people about their special offers it is very handy. That firm can target people who are close enough to come to their store by advertising on shopping carts used in the supermarkets that are close to their own shop. That way they are targeting the people who are most likely to come into their store and buy. If they particularly want to market themselves to people with children, they can restrict their advertising to those carts that have child seats built in.

The fact that a firm can choose to have their advert displayed on any number of carts is also a good thing. A firm with a tight budget can choose to only advertise on fifty carts rather than hundreds if that is all they can afford.

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