How To Sell Quickly Gold Online

How To Sell Quickly Gold Online

The recent surge in gold prices has seen a whole new opportunity open up in the marketplace for people looking to sell their old gold items. Whether it’s broken jewellery or even gold fillings, it’s possible to sell gold and make some money doing so. What’s more, thanks to the immediateness of the Internet it can all be done quickly and easily using various online scrap gold buying websites.

Initially, you should determine which items you are happy to sell. Jewellery can be in absolutely any condition. Whether it simply has out of date design so that you no longer wear it, the clasp is broken, or several links have fallen off, you can still sell the jewellery and receive the same price as if it were in one well maintained piece; the perfect opportunity to clear out your old jewellery box.

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Next, you will need to find the scrap gold buyer service that you intent to use. There are many different websites offering this kind of service but you should choose the one that you are comfortable with. They should provide a transparent service and should offer fully insured transit of your gold items in both directions – if you don’t want to accept the price you’re given then you will want to be sure that your jewellery comes back in as good condition as it was sent in.

When you’ve decided which company to sell gold with, you can usually request a gold selling pack which will typically include a bag or envelope in which you can place the jewellery. This is normally a freepost envelope so that you can simply put your gold items in the bag and then take it to the post office.

Finally, you will receive a price for the items you send and be given the choice of rejecting this offer or you can choose to sell your gold and receive the money offered in cash, straight into your bank, or by cheque. Selling gold really is that simple and, if you’re not happy with the offer made, you can have the jewellery and other gold items sent straight back to you.

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