Getting A Job In The Indian Railway

Getting A Job In The Indian Railway

Ever since the British left India, the Indian Rail has seen a massive boost in advancement. As of today, the Indian Railway has hired around 1.8 Million people across the country making it the highest employer in India. You might be wondering how to apply to the Indian Railway for a job. An important point to note is that the department hires more than a thousand new candidates every year. If you want to apply for a railway job in India, then a few tips will be handy.

  • Eligibility

The first question you must ask yourself – Are you eligible to take up your designated job at the railways? The Indian Railway has an eligibility criterion which all candidates’ must qualify before applying to the job. There is also an age limit for different positions.

  • Educational Requirements

Having either graduation or a bachelor’s degree is the only educational qualification needed to get a job in the Indian Railways. The degree should be from a recognized university to ensure no hassles during the job interview and application process.

  • Railways Entrance Examination

As with most other employers and colleges do, to get a job in the railway department of India, you must write a railways entrance test and pass the exam with the minimum grade requirement. It should be kept in mind that the test is not that simple, and being under-prepared, usually leads to a bad result. There are a lot of training institutes which teach candidates how to pass the exam with enough classes. A self-study is also an option if you believe you can learn by yourself and get the job you always dreamt of. Ensure you have the right books for the exam. You could also take up practice tests, training, and other resources for a better result in the railways’ exam. Practice makes perfect, a quote which suits all candidates who wish to pass. A question, for example, could be put up like this – ‘How can you find the train running status of a train which has been delayed?’ A lot of general questions like these will be put up in the examination.

  • Finding the right recruitment opportunities

Keeping yourself updated with all the present job opportunities within the Indian Railways is vital. The Indian Railway has many branches spread across the country. Candidates are recruited to various posts in each branch of the railway. Apply for the exam for that particular job before the last date to ensure a valid exam date. Keep yourself alert and subscribed to some favourite job alerts. Make sure you read the newspaper daily to see if any job opening is available. You could also keep yourself updated through the Indian Railways website.

Last but not the least; be confident and confident that you will get a job in the railways. It could take some time for the whole process to be complete. Also, do not lose hope if you do not crack your exam in your first attempt. Keep trying till you get your dream job, stay confident, keep your head high, and always hope for the best.

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