5 Strategies For Downsizing Dental Supplies Expenditure

5 Strategies For Downsizing Dental Supplies Expenditure

Most dental clinics always overspend on dental supplies. Although clinics do have a budget on supplies, they often fail to stick with it. Once they are distracted, the expenses start piling up. In this article, we present five strategies that help dental clinics keep track of their dental supply expenditure.

  • Stop Hoarding Supplies

Many clinics think that it’s a smart idea to buy large quantities of dental supplies. However, going by the principle of business finance is not a wise decision. Such clinics end up buying more than what they need and tie down critical business capital.

  • Use a Purchase Manager

Accountability is an issue with most dental clinics because no officer is in charge of handling dental supplies. However, the procurement of dental supplies can become more organized by appointing an existing staff as the purchase manager.  The purchase manager would help your clinic keep track of supplies to ensure there is neither shortage nor excess stock. You can motivate the purchase manager by giving a bonus every time the monthly expenditure on supplies is maintained within the projected benchmark.

  • Scrutinize invoices

While the task of checking every single supply invoice sent to your office seems to be unnecessary hassles, it could save you lots of cash. It is common for dubious suppliers to send invoices above the items that are supplied. You can fall, victim, if you do not crosscheck your invoices carefully. Over-invoicing from suppliers is the main channel of wastage in many dental clinics. Don’t be a victim, the time you invest in crosschecking invoices is worth it.

  • Get Lower Price from Supermarkets

You are not under obligation to purchase everything from your dental supplier. So, if you have an opportunity to acquire general clinic items at lower prices, you should go for it. For instance, you can get better deals on stationery, cleaning products, and other related items from supermarkets. Therefore, one of the ways to cut costs on your dental supplies is to patronize supermarkets for your general office items. 

  • Patronize Online Dental Supplies Websites

To save cost on dental supplies, you must use the suppliers that offer your clinic the best deals. Unfortunately, the suppliers that visit your clinic to vend dental products do not provide you the best deal because they are middlemen who make profits from commissions.  You are better off purchasing your supplies from the dental supplier’s website directly. Using a reliable supplier such as www.boomsupplies.com would guarantee a steady stream of quality products at reasonable prices.