Top Accessories For Your Spring 2021 Ensemble

Top Accessories For Your Spring 2021 Ensemble

Hot Off The Catwalks – The Latest Trends To Complete Your Look 

With spring around the corner, what are the hottest accessories to match your ensemble? Check out the new season’s trends here. 

Spring 2021 is certainly an interesting time to be piecing together an outfit, but there’s no stopping the fashion industry as the most creative minds are unleashing the latest trends to the virtual catwalks. If you’re looking for the hippest ways to accessorise your ensemble during the pandemic, then check out these red-hot ideas. 

Slipper Shoes 

With winter spent shuffling around at home, or out on the prescribed daily walk, it’s understandable that designers have given so much priority to comfort in this unusual footwear creation for 2021 – the slipper shoe. There’s a lot of versatility in the range of slipper shoes available. Soft, silky slippers work well with formal attire, including pairing them with modest Arabic dresses for a special occasion. At the other end of the scale, there are quilted ski boots providing your outfit with that perfect ‘dress-it down’ vibe. 

Totes and Straw Bags 

2021 is about minimalism and no fuss when it comes to bags. With few of us travelling, there’s every reason to embrace a simpler style of handbag that encourages us to cart less around with us. Eco-conscious fashion lines have chosen to use recycled materials in the creation of tote and straw bags, with Anna Sui launching a collection of knit bags from repurposed cotton clothing, whilst Pierpaolo Picciolo from Valentino has developed a bag made from macrame leather. 

Phone Case 

Continuing on from the theme of simple bag accessories, the idea for Spring 2021 is that fashionistas only take the bare essentials out with them. And what could be more essential than your phone? Decorative phone lanyards with a crossbody strap are the perfect way to ensure you’re never apart from your most treasured device. In fact, it’s refreshing that the tiny designer bag has finally got the perfect use. Want to go even smaller? There are also tiny bags available for your Apple Air Pods too. These bags can be worn casually or to the most dressy of occasions as required. 

Sandals With A Heel 

With the promise of finer weather on the horizon as we edge into Spring, if slipper shoes don’t float your boat, then why not consider accessorising with a heeled sandal instead? This season’s sandals include a wedged heel which is reminiscent of both a chopine and a platform shoe. Some even cross over into espadrille territory. You’ll notice that these sandals are easy to walk in, steering clear of any angle to the heel, yet will still give you a certain saunter to your stride. 

Face Masks 

Last but not least, the face mask isn’t going anywhere fast. Top designers included face masks across their Spring/Summer 2021 collections. This is great news as it means fashionistas can finally be steered away from the stark, surgical look of this garment, and adopt a rather more decorative piece. From gingham to floral, there are some beautiful masks available to complement your outfit. If you’re struggling to find an exact match piece, then simply choose a fabric mask which is similar to complete your overall look. 

With Spring and Summer around the corner, now is the time to piece together your ensembles ahead of the new season. With fashion stores shut across the UK during the lockdown, take your time to browse online to find the perfect accessories to accompany your outfits.