Top 10 Tips With Buy Argyle Diamond

Top 10 Tips With Buy Argyle Diamond

Pink diamonds are mainly mined in Australia. Several mines are there from where this particular gemstone is obtained, out of which the Argyle diamonds are the best. Argyle is a diamond mine in the Australian subcontinent, where the gemstone is composed of a volcanic pipe made from olivine lamproite. After several tests, it has been concluded that the pink diamonds mined from here have very little traces of nitrogen impurities. But, the main variations in the hues occur due to structural crystal lattice defects. 

Since these pink diamonds are so popular in the global gemstone market, here, we have discussed the best-known ways to buy Argyle diamonds

  1. Diamond hue: there are several hues for the Argyle diamonds, starting from the faint pink blush hue to the dark wine pink colour. You need to choose carefully with so many options for the hues ranging from whitish-pink to red-pink. 
  2. Tone: tone defines the intensity of brightness in the diamond. If you want to have a bright, dazzling gemstone, the tone percentage should be high. Make sure to verify this before you buy the Argyle diamonds. 
  3. Saturation: for the Argyle diamond, the saturation determines in what intensity the pink hue is present. It ranges from the lightest saturation for the pale pink colour to the dark pink diamonds’ maximum saturation. High saturation diamonds are rare and hence costlier.  
  4. Price: the next thing you need to know is the price of the diamonds. It depends on a lot of things, starting from clarity to saturation, cut, carat weight, and even on the colour of the gemstone. When you buy the Argyle diamonds, you need to pay special attention to the cost. 
  5. Diamond size: the next thing you need to be careful about is the size of the diamond. Based on the jewellery design, the size of the gemstone will vary. So, make sure you are choosing the proper size of the pink diamond. Greater the diamond more will be the weight and the price. 
  6. Cut: next, you need to consider the diamond’s cut. When you buy Argyle diamonds, you will have several options in terms of the gemstone’s cut, starting with the princess to the halo. The cut choice will also depend on the kind of jewellery you want to design with the pink diamond
  7. Secondary colour tone: in some colour types of pink diamonds from Argyle, you will find some secondary colour tones. If you want to have a distinct pinkish hue, you need to carefully decide what kind of secondary hue you want and what should be its saturation. 
  8. Clarity: for buying the best diamond, it is essential to look at the clarity. The higher the clarity greater will be the gemstone’s dazzling shine when the light will fall on the cut surfaces. 
  9. Carat weight: another important feature of the diamond you need to keep in mind is the carat weight. Based on the carat, the price of the same will vary. 
  10. Certification: Lastly, make sure that the diamond comes with the Argyle certification.

Pink diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, and because of this you need to be very cautious to avoid buying the improper gemstone. We hope that this particular discussion will help you a lot in having the best pink Argyle diamond from Australia.