7 Important Lessons Learned From The Escape Room Movies

7 Important Lessons Learned From The Escape Room Movies

Do you ever catch yourself watching an escape room movie or any other death game movie saying, “The main character is so stupid? Why can’t she solve the anagram? It’s so obvious!” Well, don’t blame her. You are the one watching the movie from the comfort of your home. You have learned the ropes while consuming a bunch of survival movies.

Be it classics like the SAW movies (I am partial to 2004 one) or Le Habitation De Fermat (2007), or something like Battle Royale (2000), they all have one thing in common. Whatever the premise may be, the primary characters must escape the situation alive. It could mean solving riddles at a mysterious party or outrunning serial killers or your own classmates. But you must escape.

The lessons learned in these movies are not just applicable to such fictional or outrageous situations but also to real life. When it comes to escape room games (physical or digital), you must have a strategy to win. So, let’s take a page, sorry scene out of escape room movies and take note of the important lessons learned from the escape room movies.

7 Important Lessons Learnt from Escape Room Movies

Lesson 1: 

Team Effort- The most important lesson we have learned from escape room movies is that survival is a team effort. It is quicker to escape with you use your individual skills together. The goal is to find the key or the code to the door. So everyone’s opinion will surely bring a better result.

In real life, we will encounter many situations where we will need to cooperate with others to finish a project. It is a crucial life skill that can be employed both in and outside an escape room.

Lesson 2:

Communication- If you are working in a team. Communication is key. When we divide the work amongst ourselves, we need to communicate well in order to avoid confusion. We also need to interact with each other to solve the puzzles.

We need good communication skills in any course of life. Be it professional or personal. Since no man is an island, we must communicate with other social beings to survive.

Lesson 3:

Time Management- Time management is the most crucial aspect of the escape room as well as our real lives. Time is a very important element in the survival genre. Escape rooms, too, require you to solve a problem and successfully escape within a given time limit. The work must be divided among the solvers and seekers so as to use the least about of time on a particular problem.

Lesson 4:

Critical thinking- The main crux of an escape room is using critical thinking. Escape room problems test your judgment and creativity. You have to be resourceful and quick at your feet to efficiently break out of an escape room. You might come across a clue you cannot immediately solve.

You must wrack your brain to find the solution. Sometimes you can solve the problem only through a unique take. So it is important that you use your resources to their fullest. This is a skill that is going to help you navigate life smoothly and efficiently.

Lesson 5:

Cracking the code- It is not surprising that you must crack the code keeping you locked in the room. To solve the puzzles, you must employ all the knowledge you have gained in life. You must look for the solution most suitable for your scenario. It is your judgment that will lead to victory.

Lesson 6:

Do not be afraid- Fear is crippling and will mess with your skills if you let it conquer you. Whether you are confused or scared to take the decision, you must do it to escape. Often you will face similar situations in life where you must overcome the challenges and take the final decision. You will only be successful in life if you are unafraid.

Lesson 7:

Get some help- Honestly? Get help. There is no shame in taking hints or using the solutions offered by someone else. You must do anything and everything in your power to break out of the escape room.

Real and reel life have both taught us that we all need a little help to survive hard times, and it is okay to ask for help.

Summing up

Escape room movies are not only exciting but also educational. Be it in real life or in an escape room, and you must rely on your life skills to survive. The lessons we learn through these escape room movies or honestly any such recreational activity prepare us for the great wide world out there. So armed with these practical and important lessons learned through escape room movies, survive the drudgery of real life!