Getting Your Message Across on Smaller Media

If you work in promotion, or have ever been part of an advertising or marketing campaign, you’ll understand the challenges involved in squeezing your message into a small space, for instance a business card, flyers or letterhead. It’s a real skill, conveying your message in very tight spatial constraints.

Be Authentic

Great advertising is not about conning people or lying to people. Instead, it’s about sign-posting the authenticity of your brand or service. The truth is often a short and snappy thing, whereas a deceptive message will  be cursed with extraneous detail. Think carefully about what is genuinely great about your company, and water this down so the message works in smaller space.

Brevity is the Heart of Wit

This links to another point, Shakespeare said that “brevity is the very heart of wit.” Everyone who works in marketing should understand the power of short, snappy information versus the clumsiness of digressive, extraneous detail. As well as being more aesthetic and more readable, shorter copy is more practical, and will fit neatly into smaller spaces.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

It’s an old cliché, but a picture really is worth a thousand words. A flyer might simple not have the space for an intricate message, but you can make up for this with imagery. Images hit the customer more urgently than words, and so the right picture can be really effective.
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