DIY Brings a Community Together to Help Local Charity

Just a few months ago, a charitable man from Plymouth, David John suffered a heart attack which ultimately forced him out of action. His wife, Carol John, is now calling on members of their community to spare a couple of hours out of their day to help create their pottery and craft workshop charity unit, Hands2gether.

Hands2gether offers therapeutic sessions to people with learning disabilities or who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. The couple merely require just a little bit of time from the community to offer their services and skills to help get the project up on its feet.

Mr’s John recently commented: “We’re asking for a DIY SOS type-of-thing. We see how communities come together on the television and are hoping people may do the same thing here. If we had enough help it would mean we could open in a matter of weeks instead of months.”

The centre is hoping members of the community will step forward to fit disabled toilets, lay carpets, plumb kitchen taps, as well as painting and decorating.

Therefore, anyone who has a heavy duty tool box, tools or paint rollers should consider giving a helping hand to get this fantastic charity workshop get started. Anyone looking for high quality, affordable tools should be sure to head to leading DIY stores in the UK who offer value for money products.

If you think you can help Hands2gether, contact Carol on or telephone on 01752 658784. Alternatively, you can just pop into to Unit 90 at Christian Mill Business Park.