Creating, not Compromising On, Cloakroom Suites

Just squeezing in a toilet and a wash basin to a small space might be all someone thinks about doing for a basic cloakroom toilet. The same might apply to those looking at having an en suite added to their master bedroom.

In such cases, there might be little consideration when it comes to adding those small touches that will ultimately lend a small amount of personality to fit in with the rest of a home. However with some clever design features and well-made bathroom furniture that is made to measure, passing on style does not have to be the case.

With modular solutions to ranges that have been developed for larger rooms, it’s possible to find fittings from the best manufacturers that will give even just the smallest of spaces a lift. Making the most of a limited area is crucial in most cases, which is why seeking advice from tradesmen who know how to best utilise space while also accounting for practical considerations such as plumbing is recommended.

From there, choosing a company that specialises in short-projection units that can be paired with scaled down wash basins will mean there’s no feeling of being cramped in, or of there being any shortages in terms of design.

Just because there’s a small space to contend with doesn’t mean there has to be limits on what can be achieved. Neither does creating something spectacular require taking massive risks. Simply working alongside specialist companies with experience of creating customer-oriented designs, all can be taken care of, and the finished product will be something to cherish.