Indulge: Make an Impression on No-One but Yourself

A bathroom is meant to be a sanctuary. It is a room that is valued highly in any home, so highly that estate agents are always eager to point out that it’s one of the rooms that can be a deal breaker in the sale of a house. They say the same about a kitchen, but this is a much more public space – the bathroom is a place where everything can be just so for the user’s benefit only.

As the place to unwind, cleanse, and restore calm at the end of a long day, creating the sense of retreat is important. But if there’s one thing that can get in the way of this, it’s clutter.

Avoiding it in the bathroom is tough, given the amount of beauty products that seem to be amassed over the course of a lifetime these days. Toothbrushes, deodorants, hair care products, skin treatments, the list really is endless. But the mess doesn’t have to be. With good use of bathroom furniture, it’s possible to create a space that can accommodate everything you need, without the disorder that you don’t want.

A mirrored bathroom cabinet, for instance, can work wonders for housing all those trinkets. The purpose it serves is twofold, and with a good quality option it can also act as a light source that works as an ornamental feature too.

It’s needn’t be complicated, it doesn’t even need to be on show to anyone else: simple solutions such as this go a long way to creating a functional bathroom that is beautiful, a space that is all your own.